Restaurant Review- The Cake Shop Cafe

Late last night I had a major sugar craving which could only be satisfied by cake. Well, cake and cookies actually. And who better to join me in my search for sugar than my sister in law, Maha who loves desserts as much as we do. We decided to go to The Cake Shop Cafe. The cafe itself is adorable, with pastel colors and a vintage floral theme.



The first display is the cupcakes, and after carefully studying the selection, I didn’t find anything that really caught my interest. There are basic chocolate, red velvet and carrot cupcakes but I was disappointed in the lack of more creative flavors. The cookies are another story, the counter boasts a variety of bite sized tea cookies. I don’t usually crave tea cookies, but these mini biscuits are not like the ones your are used to, they are crisp and light. We got a box of mixed cookies, The shortbread cookies are my favorite, they have a buttery, crumbly texture with a hint of vanilla. The chewy chocolate cookies dusted with powdered sugar need to be a little sweeter, they lacked the strong chocolate taste you would expect. The chocolate shortbread are much better, with a strong cocoa flavor and the same crumbly texture as their vanilla counterpart. The mini chocolate chip cookies are delightful, slightly chewy with a nutty flavor from the finely chopped walnuts and dotted with chocolate pieces, there is even a chocolate chip oatmeal cookie for those who like their cookies even chewier. The homemade ferrero rocher is very good, filled with chopped nuts although the outside coating didn’t lend much to the flavor of the cookie. The coconut needed a little creaminess to offset the coconut texture. The cookies were arranged in a nice box, making them perfect for gift giving or even to pick up when guests are coming over.


 And now the cakes! of the large variety present, we chose the brownie cheesecake, the carrot cake, and lazy cake (my husbands favorite). The brownie cheesecake was phenomenal, light creamy filling on top of a chewy brownie crust studded with brownie pieces. My one criticism is that there should be more brownie pieces inside, I think I only got two in my slice.  I liked that the carrot cake was two layers, because that meant more frosting, and the cream cheese frosting was perfect. The cake was a touch on the dry side, although I did appreciate the lack of raisins that are traditionally included in carrot cake. My husband enjoyed his lazy cake, I thought it was very good, especially because the biscuits remained crispy in their milk chocolate surroundings. 



All in all, I would highly recommend The Cake Shop Cafe as a place to stop by and get a cup of coffee and try one of the amazing cakes. I think it is also a great option for picking up some sweets to enjoy at home. Next time I would go and try their breakfast, and until that time, Happy Baking!








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