T Spoon Kempinski Hotel Review

Just like I hate wasting time on recipes that don’t turn out well,  I hate wasting my appetite on restaurants that disappoint.  I think there is a desperate need for proper restaurant reviews in Bahrain, so I add this category to everylittlecrumb so that people can benefit some from my quite frequent trips to restaurants and see my musings while eating my way through Bahrain.  Comments and reviews are very welcome!

I love afternoon tea.  There’s something about having a variety of finger sandwiches and delicate pastries and cookies with a steaming pot of tea that makes you feel fancy.  That said, I still don’t think theres’s a really solid option for British style afternoon tea in Bahrain, which is a bit of a waste considering the amount of British expats we have.  Yesterday, I was excited to try T Spoon in Kempinski Hotel.  The atmosphere is surprisingly serene and classy for a mall venue, and service was impeccable.  We were seated immediately, order for type of tea taken, and a little platter of mini cookies were sent out.  The cookies were forgettable, the tiny crispy ones you usually get as a side to a tea or coffee order.

The menu made the afternoon tea seem extensive, which was good because I was really hungry.  To be specific, this is what it read:  Lemon tartlet, raspberry mille feuille a la minute, Bakewell tart, chocolate éclairs, almond and pine seed croissants and delicious macaroons.  Savory items: sandwiches including foie gras on crispy bread with chutney, smoked salmon and black pepper on brown bread and French brie and truffle on toasted brioche and freshly baked plain and raisin scones with Devonshire clotted cream, wild strawberry jam and lemon curd.

(If only there were a few more sandwiches)

When our platter arrived, after a 15 minute wait, I was a little disappointed.  Even for an afternoon tea, portions seemed a little small.  The amount pictured is meant for two people.  The pot of tea (not pictured) was enough for two and a half cups.  The sandwiches pictured should have been offered as double portions, because we needed to cut each one in half in order to be able to both try them.

The food was mildly good, but extremely predictable.  You got the distinct feeling that you could easily make better sandwiches at home.  Scones were a little hard and sweet, on the plus side the clotted cream was actual clotted cream, not a whipping cream substitute that we so often get.  The dessert was equally average.  The bill ended up being 16BD which is along the lines of what I’m used to paying for afternoon tea, but I usually leave other  venues much more satisfied then I did yesterday.  Still looking for an afternoon tea experience in Bahrain that will leave a more lasting impression!


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